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Press Braking is an operation in which bending is carried out of longer profiles enabling as series of bending operations.

Press braking operation is carried out with the help of press brake. A press brake normally consists of four slabs of steel and a cross piece. Two side housings are held together at the top by the cross piece at the bottom by the bed.

The ram slides up and down in front of the side housings and does all its work by pressing against the bed. Both the ram and the bed are fitted to accept the wide range of dies for many different operations such as bending, drawing, flanging, cut-off, channel forming embossing, slitting etc.

There are two types of press brakes depending mainly on the drive one is mechanical and the second is hydraulic.

Metalman Auto has two CNC hydraulic press brakes:

1. CNC Hydraulic press brake – 340 Tons Hydraulic

X –Axis Y-Axis Y-Axis
3000 mm 1500 mm 250 mm

2. CNC Hydraulic press brake – 125 Tons Hydraulic

X –Axis Y-Axis Y-Axis
3000 mm 1000 mm 125 mm