Our Expertise


In House Surfacing Finishing Plants Such as CED, Powder Coating, Ni-Cr Plating & Spray Painting.

Metalman has deep roots in Metal Finishing with below capacities & Infra  in all of its Plants:

Nickel Chromium Plating -

Liquid Painting -

Powder Coating -             

Triplex Nickel Plating + Decorative Chromium

Area Processed per month 5 Lacs Sq.ft.

Automatic PLC Controlled Plants.

Fully Equipped Laboratory

Metal Recovery plants installed on all lines

Area Processed per month 3 lacs Sq.Ft

PLC Controlled Pretreatment

Tricationic Zinc Phosphate

2 Coat 2 Bake System

Laboratory for analysis & Product testing

Area processed per month 15 Lacs Sq.ft.

PLC Controlled Pretreatment system

Tricationic Zinc Phosphate

Auto Applicators

Cube Size - 1500  x 500 x 400 mm

Acrylic CED Painting -        

Heat Resistant Paint -

Metal Recovery Units -

Area Processed per month 65 Lacs Sq.ft.

Fully Automatic Conveyorised Plant,

State of the Art Testing

SCADA based EquipmentControls.

Cube Size - 1500 x 750 x 750 mm

Capacity 4,000 Silencers / Day

Fully Conveyorised 2 Coat 2 Bake System

Shot Blasting Facility

Internal Painting Facility for Silencers

We are pioneers in India to have developed Metal Recovery Units for the recovery of Semi Precious metals like Nickel, Zinc & Chromium from Waste Water.

It has been well said by someone that “A good surface treatment turns a functional product to a sellable commodity with acceptance in the most competitive industries” Metalman has been a pioneer in various areas of Surface Treatment with inhouse State of the Art Plants, latest technology and an experience of over 40 years to cater all types of service levels.

Mr. Ashish Sharma

(Head- Surface Finishing)