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Head Office Opening

Position Design & RFQ
Location Aurangabad
Qualification BE/Dip (Mechanical), MBA/PGDM
Experience 5 Plus Years
Job Description
  • Work exp. in B2B Marketing & Project Management
  • Pre Sales & Post Sales Activity, Coordinate commercial matters.
  • Customer Quality complaints handling
  • RFQ Coordination, Order finalization
  • Post Sales Activity -Coordination with customer for future orders, deliveries, payments.
  • New Business Development & Present customer retention.
  • Providing weekly status update meetings to the top management regarding Sales MIS Data
  • Relationship Management & CRM
  • Understanding the customer’s techno-commercial requirements & subsequently preparing Quotations
  • Customer related Audit documentation.
  • Project Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Addressing Customer Issues & Negotiating related to Payment Terms
  • Sound Presentation Skills




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Position Plant Head
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Mechanical), Dip. (Mech)
Experience 20 plus years, with 5 plus years of Plant Head exp
Job Description

The role is responsible for overall direction and control of activities in the manufacturing operations across the plant. Designs, recommends and implements manufacturing operations policies and programs in line with the overall business plan. Maintains control over all manufacturing activities so that production takes place in a timely and efficient manner, and within established standards.

Be accountable for the overall health and safety of the employee in the plant, all compliance, approvals, audit requirements and certificates required for smooth functioning of the plant

Ensure that resources are adequately planned and available at all times (raw material, spares, manpower, fuel, power etc.)


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Position Production Head (Weld Shop) - Manager
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Mechanical), Dip. (Mech)
Experience 10 years plus in the areas of Frame /accessory/mu
Job Description

The role is responsible for managing and carrying out production schedule in order to meet customer requirements/schedules. Ensuring appropriate plan for production and optimum utilization of resources

  • Conduct time bound reviews with the Plant Head and Production Supervisors to maximize efficiency
  • Review product design and make or recommend improvements that will increase customer satisfaction and/or reduce materials/production costs
  • Monitor production plan with respect to budgeted cost, demand forecasts, time over-runs to ensure timely execution
  • of production
  • Monitor progress of production to ensure adherence to schedules and quality standards
  • Allocate resources effectively and fully utilize assets to produce optimal results
  • Increase production, assets capacity and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs and maintaining current quality standards
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Position Manager - Maintenance
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Electrical ), DEE, ITI (Electrical)
Experience 10 years
Job Description

The role is responsible to schedule repairs and conduct regular plant maintenance and Installation of new machine & equipment to ensure smooth uninterrupted operations.  

Conduct Modification for Continuous improvement of equipment  for efficiency enhancement

Suggest permanent resolution to avoid repetitive breakdowns and failures.

Spare part management

Reduce cost of break down by  improve CLIT also kaizen on MTTR / MTBF

Planning of New machines as per requirement  and ensure implementation of modifications

new manufacturing line set up

installation of new electrical, gas and air pipelines 

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Position Manager - Quality
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Mechanical), Dip. (Mech)
Experience 8+ years
Job Description
  • Oversee inspection (examination) of incoming materials, and finished product ensuring that they meet requirements
  • Manage the monitoring, measurement, and review of internal quality processes
  • Create / improve quality control systems, review performance and barriers to achieving quality
  • Monitor Quality output and make the necessary corrections to reduce rework & rejection
  • Conduct Quality Audits and report non conformances, identify the root causes & effectively implement corrective actions & preventive actions to maximize resource utilization.
  • Implement quality systems / procedures to reduce rejections and ensure zero defect products; optimizing available resources to maximize productivity.
  • Review product design and make or recommend improvements that will increase customer satisfaction and/or reduce materials/production costs
  • Following TPM practice and Audits External and Internal.
  • Lead and develop the innovation and lean manufacturing culture development to gain continual process improvements and efficiencies
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Position Assistant Manager - In process QA
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Mechanical), Dip. (Mech)
Experience 4+ years
Job Description

Inspect  1st Piece Approval   of  fabrication  production            

Ensure  defect Free component  on production line                       

Inspect  random  Sampling Inspection  of  5  produced assay                                                                

Monitor  defect In house  rejection  and  daily  ppm                                                         

 Verification of 1st Piece Report and SIR Report.                                                   

Conduct Cmm  Inspection weekly   and also cmm  inspection summary 

Conduct time bound reviews with the Dock audit and on line defects for action plan                                                                 

Review 6w2h / 8D Received  from   Concern

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Position Assistant Manager - IRS
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Mechanical), Dip. (Mech)
Experience 4+ years
Job Description
  • Provide overall direction regarding Quality instruments required. Co-ordinate the set up and implementation of standard checking  procedures for quality checking at B-12
  • Lead and develop the innovation and lean quality culture development to gain continual process improvements and efficiencies across all quality instruments.
  • Create / improve management control systems, review quality performance and overcome the issues.
  • Allocating the Manpower at the respective lines and monitor their performance
  • Maintain TPM standards through 1S & 2S in Incoming area
  • Prepare & maintain Incoming Quality performance monitoring display boards
  • Prepare Inspection Plan & Ensure Incoming inspection of child parts as per sampling plan
  • Ensure 100% quality inspection of  critical child parts before sending to the line
  • Check record of child parts Inspection in QMS
  • Keep a check on the repeated defect complaints received from the customer and maintain quality as per the same.
  • Check critical parts threading reports.
  • Communicate to the vendor regarding Non- compliance of parts and follow up for corrective action.
  • BOP parts rejection review in QMS
  • Verify return of rejected material to the suppliers and debit penalty to suppliers on case to case basis.
  • Review of Supplier child parts scrap note on monthly basis.
  • Verify documentation like Parts Drawing , Vendor PDI, spot & projection reports
  • Make Gauges & Measuring instrument calibration plan & ensure compliance.
  • Make Raw material testing plan & ensure compliance
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Position Incharge - Standard Room /Welding Lab
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Mechanical), Dip. (Mech)
Experience 4+ years
Job Description
  • Prepare weld penetration plan and report as per Customer guidelines.
  • Generate reports for NC & submit to customer.
  • Communicate the NC’s related to joint’s to concerned stakeholders for corrections.
  • Inspection of part thickness for penetration.
  • Preserving and storing of samples as per Customer guidelines
  • Preparation of failure joint summery sheet and Individual joint trend chart for each model.
  • Preparation & Verification of cutting templates for all frames critical joints.
  • Timely submission of weld penetration report toCustomer & MAPL concerns within agreed timelines.
  • Cross checks the weld penetration joints of previous month audit.
  • Analysis of Not OK joints and submission of report to Customer
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Position Officer - HR
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification MBA-HR, MPM, Dip. Personnel Management
Experience 4+ years
Job Description
  • Ensure daily attendance of workers/employees & maintain various report like late coming, early going, half day, per day overtime, absenteeism, gate pass Man Heads / Man Days etc for discipline & wages purpose.
  • Supervise & control on absenteeism and excessive leave as well as update shift & leave records in system.
  • Prepare monthly data for Salary & wages in Dos -Base Payroll systems & Time Desk Software also finalized.
  • Day to day basis verify contractual manpower & attend daily morning meeting with Plant Head.
  • Surprise audit of manpower, safety, Labour Contract payment (PF, ESIC Challan), industrial (shop flower) discipline & etc. 
  • Prepare & Maintain online Work PF, ESIC.
  • Government Licensing & returns
  • Welfare & Health
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Position Senior Engineer - Production
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Mechanical), Dip. (Mech)
Experience 2+ years
Job Description
  • Daily morning meeting board updation
  • Execute / Fill Up Daily Work Management Report 
  • Daily manpower deployment as standard norms & fill up sheet
  • Daily taking Production Plan From HOD
  • Ensure adherence to quality standards as per methodologies given
  • Daily Communicate With HR Dept. For Manpower Details
  • Daily coordination with other support Departments to ensure smooth running of production line
  • JH activity workout ( cleaning, inspection,)
  • Carrying out first piece inspection for quality
  • Fill up Daily Production Report.; TPM Board
  • Daily Fill Up Welder Allocation Sheet & Repeatability, Skill Matrix Sheet
  • Daily Fill up Production Log Book & Communicate with Reliever /HOD
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Position Assistant Manager - Robot Maintenance
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Mechanical), Dip. (Mech)
Experience 4+ years
Job Description

This role involves the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production. It involves the design, programming, simulation and testing of automated machinery and processes in order to complete the targeted tasks. Responsible for line installation & fixture trial, specifications and other detailed documentation of new creations as well as preventive maintenance of robotic lines

  • Coordinate the progress of the project on a day-to- Track and day basis to ensure that the project is on-track.
  • Developing and maintaining detailed information of ongoing Project.
  • Monitoring cost and commitment through requisition.
  • Ensuring active engagement of team members by delegation of tasks to the appropriate person both on a long term and on a day-to-day basis.
  • Coordination and regulating various meetings such as project progress review meetings.
  • Ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • Developing and monitoring project cost forecasts
  • Accountable for new line layout design & installation
  • Suggest and Implement improvements throughout Chassis shop.
  • Review and take action to reduce energy consumption.
  • Suggest improvement at DFM stage.
  • Make line balancing as per process sheet.
  • Increase % of automation
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Position Senior Officer - Electrical Maintenance
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Electrical ), DEE, ITI (Electrical)
Experience 3+ years
Job Description
  • Conduct DWM Review of Previous Shift and plan for next shift.
  • Check status of Utility Startup (Comp. Gas Bank, Power Supply) as per production plan
  • Resource optimization as per requirement- manpower allocation.
  • Attend to Chassis line Breakdown and Analysis.
  • Make Work Plan As Per Given By Senior.
  • Store Material Issue, As Per Requirement.
  • Work on PM plan as per schedule.
  • Work on JH abnormal per JH record
  • DWM & related record update
  • Audit work as per our customer recommended.    

Regular Pm, JH Activity Throughout The Weld Shop Plant To Prevent Breakdown So That Production Is Increased & In Efficient Manner. Make Kaizen& Pokayoke Of Machine Interlocking And Robot Fixture Additional Pokayoke Is Require To Quality To Improve The Efficiency Of Weld Shop Plant & To Reduce Power Coast (Such As Machine, Tube Light Shop Over Head Lighting And Water Leakage) Cost As Well As Helps To Improve Quality .Mainly Focusing On Zero Breakdown By Doing Effective Pm Of Machine & Try To Keep It Sustain. Forms Part Of The Management Team And Plays A Key Role To Support.

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Position Senior Officer - Vendor Audit
Location Hosur - Tamilnadu
Qualification BE (Mechanical), Dip. (Mech)
Experience 3+ years
Job Description

Conduct time bound audit at vendor end for continuous improvement in the quality of the child part.

Responsible for monitoring vendor end quality system,

Vendor   audit report

Training to vendor about the quality system and documentation used for standardization

Ensure the quality system  done  as  per  plan at vendor end

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